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SBK2 - a 'Gene Doe' of the heart


Among the about 20,000 genes in the human proteome there are still many rather unknown but potentially interesting proteins that could deserve some extra attention. Here we will focus on SBK2, a gene specifically expressed in the heart...Read more

A single cubic millimeter of human brain has generated 1,4 petabytes of data.


A publication in Science presents the largest-ever dataset of neural connections, providing a glimpse into the brain's complexity. This seemingly tiny volume of one cubic millimeter contains the impressive number of 57.000 cells, 150 million synapses, and 230 millimeter blood vessels...Read more

Multiplex tissue image of the month - CA6 in salivary gland

CA6 i MX salivary gland.png

The glandular expression pattern of salivary gland-specific protein carbonic anhydrase 6 (gene: CA6) is highlighted by multiplex immunohistochemistry (mIHC/IF)...Read more

Webinar: HCA Biological Networks Series: Reproduction Network


On May 13th the Human Cell Atlas will host a webinar focusing on the reproduction network in which HPA researcher Cecilia Lindskog will give a talk titled "A high-resolution spatio-temporal protein atlas of the human reproductive system"...Read more

CD93 maintains vascular integrity and limits metastatic dissemination


Metastasis formation is a multistep process that involves cancer cell transmigration through tumor vessels and through the healthy vasculature of the affected organ. This process is limited by an intact vascular barrier formed by endothelial cells, ECM, and pericytes. In a publication in JCI Insight, researchers from HPA and Uppsala University studied the role of the protein CD93 in maintaining vascular integrity in metastatic cancers...Read more