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Young researcher awarded large grant for FTD research


The postdoc Emma Gerrits in Jan Mulders HPA related research group at KI has recently, as the youngest person ever, received a 1.2 MSEK grant from Alzheimerfonden for research on the development of Frontotemporal dementia (FTD)...Read more

TMEM253 - a "Gene Doe" of the intestine

In the spotlight

Here we want to draw some attention to one of the rather unknown but interesting genes that we have encountered, the TMEM253 gene specifically expressed in the intestine...Read more

The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) has been selected as a Global Core Biodata Resource


We are proud to announce that the Human Protein Atlas is one of the newly appointed Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBR) selected by the Global Biodata Coalition (GBC)...Read more

Movember: Shedding Light on Prostate Cancer Awareness with Immunohistochemistry


The Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the Movember movement come together in a powerful and united front against one of the most prevalent men's health issues. Throughout November, individuals around the world grow mustaches, participate in events, and engage in conversations to raise awareness about prostate cancer and men's mental health...Read more

Antibody There? Mapping the Human Proteome with Mathias Uhlen


In this interview in GEN Biotechnology KTH professor Mathias Uhlén describes how his professional journey started out with protein production and engineering, continued in technology development for the Human Genome Project (HGP), before reaching its final destination in proteomics after the completion of the HGP...Read more