The Cell Atlas

The Cell Atlas provides high-resolution insights into the spatio-temporal distribution of proteins within human cells. The protein localization data is derived from antibody-based profiling by immunofluorescence confocal microscopy, using a panel of 64 cell lines to represent various cell populations in different organs and tissues of the human body. In this cell line panel the mRNA expression of all human genes are characterized using deep RNA-sequencing. The subcellular distribution of each protein is then investigated in a subset of cell lines selected based on corresponding gene expression, and classified into 33 different organelles and fine subcellular structures. The Cell Atlas currently covers 12073 genes (62%) for which there are available antibodies. It offers a database for exploring details of individual genes and proteins of interest, as well as systematically analyzing transcriptomes and proteomes in broader contexts, in order to increase our understanding of human cells.


The Human Cellular and Organelle Proteome chapters are a collection of interactive pages providing conceptual overviews, compilations and analyses of the data generated within the Cell Atlas from different perspectives. Here you can also find basic information about the organelles and subcellular structures classified within the Cell Atlas, together with beautiful example images. The chapters can serve as an educational resource, but also as a starting point for deeper exploration of the fascinating spatiotemporal complexity of transcriptomes and proteomes of human cells. Discover the organelle proteomes, the cell cell-cycle-dependent proteome and the multi-localizing proteome, with the opportunity to take on a holistic view of human cells and its underlying molecular mechanisms.

Nuclear membrane
- Nuclear membrane
- Nucleoli
- Nucleoli fibrillar center
- Nuclear bodies
- Nuclear speckles
- Nucleoplasm
- Nucleus
Actin Filaments
- Actin filaments
- Focal adhesion sites
- Centrosome
- Microtubule organizing center
- Aggresome
- Cytoplasmic bodies
- Cytosol
- Rods & rings
Intermediate Filaments
- Intermediate filaments
- Cleavage furrow
- Cytokinetic bridge
- Microtubule ends
- Microtubules
- Midbody
- Midbody ring
- Mitotic spindle
- Mitochondria
Endoplasmic Reticulum
- Endoplasmic reticulum
Golgi Apparatus
- Golgi apparatus
Plasma Membrane
- Cell junctions
- Plasma membrane
Secreted proteins
- Secreted proteins
- Endosomes
- Lipid droplets
- Lysosomes
- Peroxisomes
- Vesicles
A Journey through the Cell

Discover the inner universe of human cells, travelling through a world of organelles and subcellular structures, on a unique journey through a beautiful and complex world.