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Movie of the month - Wiring of nerves


In this movie light-sheet microscopy has been used to visualize the mouse peripheral nervous system in 3D with Prof Patrik Ernfors explaining how this system develops, functions and is organized...Read more

Publication of the Year Award by the Alzheimer's Association ISTAART


A publication on characterization of tau pathology in the locus coeruleus in the human brain using three-dimensional imaging was recently selected as recipient of a 2023 Publication of the Year Award by the Alzheimer's Association ISTAART. The study was published in Acta Neuropathologica and involved, among others, research groups from Karolinska Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) in Stockholm, Sweden...Read more

Movie of the month - The strangled heart

News movie of the month heart.JPG

In the movie of the month this time we explore the 3D structure of the coronary arteries and nerves within the human heart using light sheet microscopy. With the help of this technique, the cellular structures and proteins important for normal heart function and disease can be studied from a new perspective...Read more

Movie of the month: Deciphering the complexity of signaling in the brain - the story of GPR151


The exploration of the human proteome has revealed many uncharacterized proteins with very interesting distributions in tissues and cells. Among them are many receptor proteins with unknown functions and predominant expression in the brain, including the orphan receptor GPR151...Read more

Movie of the month - In search for answers on how Alzheimer's disease affects the brain


In this movie Professor Tomas Hökfelt (Karolinska Institutet) takes you on a journey to the areas of the brain affected by Alzheimer's disease...Read more