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A multi-omics strategy to discover and validate missing proteins in the ovary


In a publication in Journal of Proteome Research transcriptomics and spatial proteomics were used to investigate and validate the expression of so-called missing proteins in the human ovary...Read more

Empowering breast cancer proteomics with genomics


In the latest Proteins in Proximity podcast from Olink, Jochen Schwenk, professor at KTH/ Scilifelab is interviewed about his career, scientific background, and how genetics can empower proteomics in his field of translational proteomics...Read more

Selectivity of anti-GPCR antibodies


In a recent publication in Science Advances, the selectivity of antibodies against subfamilies of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) was investigated using a multiplexed immunoassay and a customized library of solubilized GPCRs...Read more