Movie of the month: Early steps in development of breast cancer


In this movie, some characteristics of breast cancer is demonstrated using light sheet microscopy. The technique allows for visualizing structural alterations in breast cancer compared to normal breast.

Blood vessels are demonstrated in a normal healthy breast and the movie shows how the vasculature changes in the close vicinity to a growing tumor. In particular, cancer in situ, the stage before the tumor has started to invade the surrounding normal breast and present a threat to the patient, can be scrutinized for features that may indicate transformation to an invasive cancer. The 3D technology allows for assessment of heterogeneity and identification of such regions where angiogenesis is induced to pave the way for tumor invasion. Meet Dr. Fredrik Ponten discussing the content of the movie and the potential for analyzing events important for breast cancer development.

Watch the breast cancer movie and other educational movies at the HPA YouTube channel.

Light sheet movies: Dr Csaba Adori, Karolinska Institutet
Interview: Dr. Fredrik Ponten, Uppsala university
Source of tissue: Fredrik Ponten
Funding: Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
Production: FaktaBruket, Stockholm