Two new brain-related tutorial videos released today


Two new brain-related tutorial videos are released today. The Human Protein Atlas consortium plans to release in the near future a number of tutorial videos to cover various aspects of proteins in the human body.

These videos are based on the 3D imaging of tissues generated with light sheet fluorescence microscopy under the supervision of Dr Csaba Adori and Prof Tomas Hökfelt, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

On March 5, in conjunction with the publication of the Brain Atlas paper in Science(1), the first movie describing the localization of the orphan receptor GPR151 was released, and today two new movies describing the Alzheimer brain and the Blood Brain Barrier are made public.

In the Alzheimer's disease movie (see figure), the presence of Tau and beta-amyloid proteins is shown in patients with this neurodegenerative disorder.

In the second movie Dr Evelina Sjöstedt (Karolinska Institutet) is interviewed, and she describes the 3D location of endothelial cells and the star-shaped astrocytes that are components of the Blood-Brain Barrier.

  1. Sjöstedt et al (2020) "An atlas of the protein-coding genes in human, pig and mouse brain" Science 367