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Genei Gene descriptioni x Protein classi x Tissuei Celli Pathologyi Subcellular locationi x RNA tissue categoryi x RNA TS TPMi x
DEFB105BDefensin beta 105BPredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1850.5
DEFB106BDefensin beta 106BPredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:2094.6
DEFB128Defensin beta 128Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1713.4
SPAG11ASperm associated antigen 11APredicted intracellular proteins
Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:6263.0
DEFB118Defensin beta 118Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1229.5
DEFB121Defensin beta 121Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:2005.4
DEFB105ADefensin beta 105APredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:2275.4
SPAG11BSperm associated antigen 11BPredicted intracellular proteins
Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:6744.6
DEFB110Defensin beta 110Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1094.2
DEFB119Defensin beta 119Predicted secreted proteins
Group enrichedepididymis:2335.6
BSPH1Binder of sperm protein homolog 1Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:468.2
DEFB107ADefensin beta 107APredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:488.6
DEFB107BDefensin beta 107BPredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:488.6
ELSPBP1Epididymal sperm binding protein 1Predicted intracellular proteins
Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:3638.2
SPINT4Serine peptidase inhibitor, Kunitz type 4Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:347.0
NPFFNeuropeptide FF-amide peptide precursorPredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1000.1
RNASE9Ribonuclease A family member 9 (inactive)Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:119.9
DEFB127Defensin beta 127Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1399.7
DEFB114Defensin beta 114Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:73.3
CLPSL2Colipase like 2Predicted secreted proteins
VesiclesTissue enrichedepididymis:713.1
AC006116.20Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:120.3
DEFB104ADefensin beta 104APredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:581.5
DEFB104BDefensin beta 104BPredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:581.5
DEFB113Defensin beta 113Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:56.8
DEFB129Defensin beta 129Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:2368.3
TEDDM1Transmembrane epididymal protein 1Predicted membrane proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:716.9
DEFB123Defensin beta 123Predicted secreted proteins
Group enrichedepididymis:108.1
WFDC8WAP four-disulfide core domain 8Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:487.6
WFDC9WAP four-disulfide core domain 9Predicted intracellular proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1257.7
WFDC10AWAP four-disulfide core domain 10APredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:175.8
WFDC13WAP four-disulfide core domain 13Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:106.6
CST11Cystatin 11Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:266.6
RNASE12Ribonuclease A family member 12 (inactive)Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1052.1
RNASE13Ribonuclease A family member 13 (inactive)Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:380.3
DEFB126Defensin beta 126Disease related genes
Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:663.6
EDDM3BEpididymal protein 3BPredicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:3239.8
LCN6Lipocalin 6Predicted intracellular proteins
Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:1881.6
LCN8Lipocalin 8Predicted intracellular proteins
Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:102.0
ADAM7ADAM metallopeptidase domain 7Disease related genes
Plasma proteins
Predicted membrane proteins
Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:4534.6
DEFB135Defensin beta 135Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:84.8
DEFB133Defensin beta 133Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:15.7
MAGEB3MAGE family member B3Predicted intracellular proteins
Group enrichedepididymis:21.5
LIPILipase IDisease related genes
Predicted intracellular proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:577.5
EPPINEpididymal peptidase inhibitorPredicted intracellular proteins
Predicted secreted proteins
Group enrichedepididymis:414.2
MAGEB4MAGE family member B4Predicted intracellular proteins
Group enrichedepididymis:34.1
SLC22A11Solute carrier family 22 member 11FDA approved drug targets
Plasma proteins
Predicted membrane proteins
Group enrichedepididymis:10.0
CAMPCathelicidin antimicrobial peptidePredicted secreted proteins
Group enrichedbone marrow:1341.0
EPPIN-WFDC6EPPIN-WFDC6 readthroughPredicted secreted proteins
Group enrichedepididymis:41.7
LRCOL1Leucine rich colipase like 1Predicted secreted proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:54.5
PRR23D1Proline rich 23 domain containing 1Predicted intracellular proteins
Tissue enrichedepididymis:75.6
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