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Identification of Endothelial Proteins in Plasma Associated With Cardiovascular Risk Factors


Endothelial cell (EC) dysfunction is a well-established response to cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as smoking and obesity. Risk factor exposure can modify EC signaling and behavior, leading to arterial and venous disease development. The aim was to identify biomarker panels for the assessment of EC dysfunction, which could be useful for risk stratification or to monitor treatment response...Read more

New version 21 of the Human Protein Atlas

V21 HPA.png

A new version 21 of the open access Human Protein Atlas has been launched. A lot of new data and content have been added and the resource now includes 10 separate sections exploring the human proteins from different angels. All data has been updated on the approximately 15 million individual web pages...Read more

A single cell type map of human tissues

Press release figure v2.jpg

In a study published in the US journal Science Advances, a single cell type map of human tissues is presented. An open access atlas has been launched with more than 250,000 interactive plots to allow researchers to explore the expression in individual single cell types for all protein-coding genes in these tissues...Read more

Movie of the month: The Fatty Liver


3-D imaging reveals that neuronal components are involved in fatty liver disease...Read more

Movie of the month: The Spleen


In this movie, we can visualize some of the finer details in the spleen by using light sheet microscopy. The spleen is the largest organ in the lymphatic system and plays multiple supporting roles in the body...Read more

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FEBS Practical and Lecture Course

June 12, 2022 - June 17, 2022

FEBS Practical and Lecture Course - A summer school aimed at graduate students, post-docs, and young independent investigators who want to learn about new techniques to explore the proteins encoded by the human genome.

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