Movie of the month: the inner ear


An important part of the human body is the inner ear responsible for both hearing and balance.

In this movie, the spectacular structure of the inner ear is revealed using light sheet microscopy based on the resources created as part of the HPA program. The two major cell types for the cochlea (hearing) and the vestibular system (balance) are shown with the sensory cells and the neurons, respectively. The image in 3D allows the visualization of single cells as exemplified by the sensory cells lined up in the cochlea with each cell responsible for a particular audio frequency. Meet Dr Francois Lallemend discussing the content of the movie describing the inner ear in 3D.

Watch the Inner ear movie and other educational movies at the HPA YouTube channel.

Light sheet movies: Dr Csaba Adori, Karolinska Institutet
Interview: Dr Francois Lallemend, Karolinska Institutet
Source of tissue: Charles Petitpre
HPA Director: Prof Mathias Uhlén, KTH and Karolinska Institutet
Funding: Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
Production: FaktaBruket, Stockholm