Movie of the month - the HPA introduction video


In this video, the different parts of the HPA portal are described, including the Tissue Atlas, the Subcellular Atlas, the Pathology Atlas, the Blood Atlas, the Brain Atlas and the Metabolic Atlas.

All the HPA information about a specific protein-coding gene is collected on the gene-specific Summary Page, including also information about the function of the protein and potential disease involvement. The Human Protein Atlas data base is a resource encompassing all proteins in the human body, allowing researchers to explore the complex network of these molecules. The presence, or absence, of a particular protein can be studied in all major tissues and organs.

In the video, Mathias Uhlen, Director the HPA, is interviewed and 3-D movies generated by light-sheet microscopy from different parts of the human body are shown.

Watch the HPA introduction video and other educational movies at the HPA YouTube channel.