New protein summary launched

Screenshot 2019-12-19 at 09.54.38.png

Today, a new version 19.1 of the Human Protein Atlas is launched in which the information from various parts of the database is summarized in a new format for each of the 19,670 human protein-coding genes.

Selected information from the five different parts of the Human Protein Atlas are visualized, including the Tissue Atlas, the Brain Atlas, the Blood Atlas, the Cell Atlas and the Pathology Atlas. The protein expression data are collected for the different atlas parts to enable researchers to get a summary view for each protein, including tissue, brain, blood and cell specificity. The summary also includes the effect on protein expression on the survival of cancer patients. In addition, information regarding the protein function, as annotated by the Uniprot team, is shown for all proteins. The new summary page thus shows an overview of each protein and more detailed information can be obtained by exploring the various detected atlas parts.

Mathias Uhlén